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SZABO is the first and largest collection service specializing in debt collection for the media and related industries.

We’re divided into specific media divisions that cover television, print, and radio.

SZABO is the industry leader in traditional broadcast and print media collections, but we also provide unmatched collection services to clients in the area of program syndication and product licensing. We make collections in all areas of media production services, and, of course, our collection capabilities have evolved with the explosion of online advertising and the many other areas of internet services.

In addition to domestic collections, we routinely collect client accounts on all continents. Our international department can help bridge the difficulties of differing languages, currencies, laws, customs and practices.

Our skilled staff of coordinators and paralegals in our litigation department will assist you with your legal cases until they are resolved. We have a proprietary network of more than 400 law firms and attorneys all over the world who will represent you.

Our people are trained in the diplomacy and negotiating techniques necessary to accomplish collections while protecting valuable media-client relationships. We work in person, by phone -- never a form letter.

We provide related information resources that can help you better understand media law, debtor and creditor rights, bankruptcy proceedings, litigation, and more.

We work on contingency. And it's easy to put us to work. Simply email us the details on accounts you want collected.


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