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• First and largest media debt collection service

• More debt delivered to clients than combined total of all other collection agencies • Millions and millions delivered to clients in 50 years • Best MFM opening night parties EVER! • More than 5,000 satisfied clients • Litigation Manager Sandi, with three+ decades of Szabo expertise • Inhouse litigation experts and access to more than 400 law firms worldwide • A/R services for some or all of your accounts • Pete Szabo, founder and industry pioneer • Retaining clients for decades • 31 employees with more than 400 years of expertise combined • 13 years average employee longevity • 25 years employee average commercial collection expertise, 14 of those with us • Two CEOs, brothers • Recipient of US Commercial Service Import Export Award • Industry leader/influencer CEO • International debt expertise • Chuck, with nearly four decades of print collection expertise • Unmatched expertise in print, broadcast, online, program syndication, and product licensing • Eight employees with 20+ years of Szabo experience • Contingency based; you get your money first • Easy to work with, and fun! • Resolves more than 50% of client collection issues within 90 days • Collects debt AND retains vital client relationships • Nolan, the life of the party, with 30+ years of Szabo savvy • Good standing in all the best debt collection associations • Three employees with 30+ years with Szabo • More than 90 speaking engagements at industry conferences such as NAB, MFM, TVB, RAB, CLLA • Published in books and articles nationally and internationally • Nearly four decades of quarterly newsletters full of wisdom and advice • Personal phone contact, no form letters • 24/7 Client Portal for instant updates • Team members rigorously trained in television collections • DebtorNet® proprietary database with 650,000+ advertisers and agencies • Experience with international languages, exchange rates, regulations and boards • Team members rigorously trained in print collections • Year-to-date or historical corporate management property reports • Extensive library resource center • Our beloved Robot M1, our mascot for decades • Bankruptcy assistance • Team members rigorously trained in radio collections • Nearly 40 years of supporting Lekotek, a GA nonprofit serving disabled children • Free Szabo 411 service • Useful debt collection sample forms • Easy online claim form • Secure online client portal • Extensive employee training program using TQM  • Personal customized service • David, print division manager with 30 years of expertise, our resident Georgia Bulldog • We’ve been doing this for 50 years!

Szabo Associates was the first and is the largest media debt collection firm in the world, delivering millions and millions of media debt dollars to clients over the past half century. Our team members—masters of diplomacy and incredible negotiators—combine their skills with services such as DebtorNet®, A/R management, and legal processes to deliver MORE expertise and MORE money. After all, it’s your money, we think you should recover MORE of it. Let us show you how.
Phone: 404-266-2464
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Szabo Associates, Inc.
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