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We do more because we can.


Szabo 411 provides free assistance with problems or questions about any bankruptcy or collection issue, on-the-job employee training for those who need help in the complex points of collection and other order to cash issues that may arise.

Szabo FREE Library
Resource Center

A library resource center provides free info on debtor/creditor rights, agency and advertiser liability, credit/collection management and court cases. Need a confidentiality agreement? A Guaranty? An Agency of Record letter? We’ve developed more than a dozen sample forms through the years and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Szabo Collective Wisdom® Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter going back some 30 years, mailed to 9,000+ media industry leaders. It’s a timely source of info on trends, regulations and legal issues. It’s also brimming with advice and counsel.
A/R management for one or all your accounts receivable. Have an especially tough A/R client? We can manage that for you. Or we can manage your entire A/R process with complete transparency. Decades of expertise in credit/sales coordination, policies, credit and collection services and contracts comes in quite handy for our clients.
DebtorNet® media collection service – a gold mine. The industry’s most extensive database used for collections—MORE than 650,000 advertisers and agencies included with data on frequency and nature of past debtor claims placed with Szabo. That information goes back decades, giving us MORE media collection data than anyone else in the world.
Our network of legal resources is deep and broad—we connect you with MORE than 400 law firms educated on the media industry to represent you. And we don’t leave it there. A Szabo liaison handles the nitty gritty for you and in-house paralegals experienced in media law and the complexities of debtor bankruptcy are at your service, equipped to handle claim objections, preference demands and serve on major creditors’ committees.

Exclusive, proprietary and practically perfect.

The Szabo M.O.R.E. Client Portal.* Developed over years to do more and more and more. Constantly tweaked, redesigned or simply made better. Influenced by the requests of our clients. An example of a corporate culture where MORE is better than less.
* Media Organizations Receivables Explained.
Szabo Associates was the first and is the largest media debt collection firm in the world, delivering millions and millions of media debt dollars to clients over the past half century. Our team members—masters of diplomacy and incredible negotiators—combine their skills with services such as DebtorNet®, A/R management, and legal processes to deliver MORE expertise and MORE money. After all, it’s your money, we think you should recover MORE of it. Let us show you how.
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