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  • "...Szabo Associates more than delivers. They work as an extension of our internal teams helping us collect past due accounts. They are easy to work with, provide excellent service and their results have been outstanding. We wholeheartedly recommend Szabo Associates."
    Christopher Sterling,
    Director of Credit & Collections | Local Media Group
    Meredith Corporation is an American media conglomerate based in Des Moines, Iowa. The company owns magazines, television stations, websites, and radio stations. Meredith's publications have a readership of more than 120 million, paid circulation of more than 40 million, and its websites have nearly 135 million monthly unique visitors. Meredith's broadcast television stations reach 11% of U.S. households. --
  • "I have been using Szabo for almost 10 years and they have proved to be far more effective than any other collection agency I have worked with.  Processing accounts between our collection team and Szabo are seamless.  I would highly recommend Szabo to anyone who wants a professional team that gets results!"
    Barry Schofield,
    Vice President, Corporate Finance & Treasurer
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  • "I have worked with Szabo Associates for over 15 years. They are always very professional and hands on. Very eager to answer any questions whether you are placing an account for collections or not. Charles (Chuck) is very good to work with."
    Sandra Cox
    Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
    Trusted Media Brands, Inc., formerly known as the Reader's Digest Association, Inc., is an American multi-platform media and publishing company that is co-headquartered in New York City and White Plains, New York. Wikipedia --
  • "We were looking for an affordable collection agency that would be courteous and none threatening to our clientele.  Szabo has been that company! They took the time to understand who we are as a company and how we want our clients handled while also collecting over 90% of our debt.  I would recommend Szabo to anyone who is searching for a collection agency."
    Darlene Mixon
    Credit Manager, Evening Post Publishing Group
    Arthur Manigault, a successful rice planter, formed the Evening Post Publishing Company in 1896 to acquire the Charleston Courier which began publication in 1803. It was from this beginning in newspaper publishing in Charleston, South Carolina that Evening Post Industries was born. Today, EPI owns a wide range of newspaper, television, interactive, real estate and forestry investments with an operating platform poised for diversification and an aggressive acquisition strategy. Through information, real estate development & health and welfare, our company’s focus is on companies that build community and continue the legacy of the Manigault family.
"Over 25 years ago, our newspaper was looking for a professional collection agency that would be diplomatic, courteous to our customers and successful in collecting on our delinquent and unresponsive accounts. Szabo Associates Inc has more than fulfilled our needs. Collecting on delinquent accounts can be very time consuming and at times quite stressful. Szabo Associates Inc is a great asset to us. The client portal site is so easy to use. Adding a new account or just being able to view the progress being made on our accounts is effortless. They also provide a variety of forms to their customers, from promissory notes to sample collection letters. I would recommend without hesitation Szabo Associates Inc to any media company looking for a reliable and successful collection agency."
Diane Randall
The Spokesman-Review
"Maine Today Media has been using Szabo Associates for our collections for twenty-seven years now with excellent results. Rob Hollis and his staff have been handling our delinquent receivables clients with dexterity and diligence. We are a news media company and the accounts we send to Szabo are usually advertising clients that have fallen into delinquency. I do rigorous collections in-house so it is our unresponsive and difficult clients that we have sent to Szabo for collection. Rob and his staff have been reliable and we are more than satisfied with the results we have gotten. I can’t emphasize enough the relief it has been for me to hand off scores of accounts where I have reached a dead end. I highly recommend Szabo Associates."
Carl Jensen, Accounts Receivable
Maine Today Media
A very small sampling – our office walls are filled with 51 years of awards and certificates
Szabo Associates was the first and is the largest media debt collection firm in the world, delivering millions and millions of media debt dollars to clients over the past half century. Our team members—masters of diplomacy and incredible negotiators—combine their skills with services such as DebtorNet®, A/R management, and legal processes to deliver MORE expertise and MORE money. After all, it’s your money, we think you should recover MORE of it. Let us show you how.
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