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  • SZABO's DebtorNet® media collection service gives our clients a unique advantage they cannot find anywhere else in the media collection business. There is simply nothing that compares to DebtorNet®. It is the media collection industry's most extensive database used for collections with information on more than 600,000 advertisers and ad agencies, including the frequency and nature of past debtor claims placed with SZABO for collection.
  • SZABO has a longer history with computers than anyone in the industry, dating back to 1979. We have never purged our files or deleted any of the valuable information we've amassed. As a result, we have more media collection information in our proprietary database than you can find anywhere else in the world.
  • DebtorNet® has saved SZABO clients millions of collection dollars a year in potentially lost revenues. For other information and reporting services, please visit our Value-Added Services page.


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